The Oakmont Downs community is an owner restricted community and is governed by the Oakmont Downs Home Owners Association, incorporated Dec. 15, 1993, and each owner pays mandatory annual dues to the Association as determined by the elected Board of Directors. The Oakmont Downs Homeowners Association, Inc. (HOA) was created to provide a means by which all residents can control their own destiny and protect their investment in their homes. The intent of the Declaration of Restrictive covenants is to protect the value of each home and the integrity of the architectural design and beauty of the community.


The Architectural Control Committee (ACC), operating under the HOA Board of Directors, must approve any planned architectural improvement to a house. An “improvement” is defined as any addition or change to the existing property. Basically, the rules cover everything from additions to homes, sidewalks, fences, landscaping, swimming pools, new roofs, patios, decks, flag poles, basketball boards, athletic equipment, radio/TV antennae, exterior painting, etc. In brief, you “name it” and it is covered and all require approval.


The Board of Directors, five members, is responsible for the overall management and planning of Oakmont Downs HOA. The Board enforces the Oakmont Downs covenant and by-laws and is responsible for the maintenance of all common areas owned by the Association,The Board is required to meet at least quarterly and to hold an annual meeting


The HOA should be regarded as a business, for the annual budget is equal to that of a small business. All monies spent come from assessments levied against lots owned by residents. Although it is a non-profit corporation, the HOA requires good management to avoid unnecessary assessments. The election of effective volunteer committees within the community is vital for a successful community. To facilitate the work of the board, certain committees, whose members are fellow residents, have been or will be established. Any resident is free to join any committee, and you are urged to do so. The Association will only be as good as the members who serve on its committees.




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